As the owner of a busy HVAC contracting business, you depend on repeat customers to keep your business open. Your customers expect you to be able to service their window and central AC units quickly and efficiently for the prices that you charge.

However, when it seems like your employees are always running behind on service calls, it can be time for you to invest in a computer program that can keep your call tickets made out and organized. This software specializes in generating HVAC service tickets each day so that you can keep track of what customers you have helped and what ones are still waiting for your services.

Creating New Tickets

When you open your business each day, you need to immediately start making out HVAC service tickets for your customers. Before you had this new computer program, you might have relied on your secretaries to write out the orders by hand. These tickets could have easily gotten mixed up and disorganized, causing you to fall behind on the order of customers that called for help.

The new computer program, however, can be paired with your company’s website or mobile app so that customers can generate their own tickets. The time that they receive services will correlate with what time they logged onto your website or used your mobile app. The program will keep track of where they are in the service queue so that your employees know what homes or businesses to go to first.

This software also keeps your business on track and makes taking care of service calls more organized. You no longer have to scramble to make up for lost time or discount services because of late service appointments.

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