Post Payment Audit Shows You How Much Money You Are Giving Away!

by | Jan 15, 2019 | software

Have you ever looked at your books and thought how I can be spending this much on vendors? If you are like most businesses you are leaving money on the table and not even realizing it, a post payment audit can reveal where the money is going.

Where Does the Money Go?

Vendor discounts and rebates often get lost in the shuffle and are not collected as they should be. Depending on the size of your company, these savings could total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. It is a lot of money to leave on the table that is rightfully your businesses cash. Deductions not taken, supplier credits and more can help to reduce the cost of doing business and beef up your bottom line. Letting it slip away is simply not the best way to do business.

After the Fact

Post payment audits are a great way to get some money back but they can be:

  • Time consuming

  • Costly

Getting money back after the fact can be a time consuming process and it can also be costly. You can see reduced returns on your investment. There is a better way to make sure that you are not simply tossing money out the window.

Supplier Returns Managed Service

Belmero’s Supplier Returns Managed Service is ideal for all ERP’s it is a streamlined process that gets you your money back on your books fast. You do not have to invest any time into the process at all, Belmero’s staff manages everything from start to finish and most importantly it stops the waste moving forward as well. Once your losses have been identified the proper steps can be taken to get the money back and prevent the loss in the future.